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Comatose is a Skillet Album released in 2006, featuring 11 tracks. See the tracklist with links to our lyrics below, and you can even read the iTunes Review 😉

Personal Opinionated Information

Comatose is the first album of a special trilogy consisting of Comatose, Comatose Comes Alive, and Awake.  Comatose has some of the most honest songs in the world, and that is rarity. If you’re political or like Violins in your rock music, then you should probably listen to some of these 😉

  1. Rebirthing
  2. The Last Night
  3. Yours To Hold
  4. Better Than Drugs
  5. Comatose
  6. The Older I Get
  7. Those Nights
  8. Falling Inside The Black
  9. Say Goodbye
  10. Whispers In The Dark
  11. Looking For Angels

iTunes Review

This is a melodically stunning record in which instrumentation strikes the disc’s first chord. “Rebirthing” is a grand opening statement. Guitarist Ben Kasica cooks a delectable platter of tasty lead fills that are accompanied by orchestral tones all over the disc. The same is true of the title track, “Comatose.” Here the band uses a proven recipe — staccato guitars, piano, and orchestration — to bring the tune home. “The Last Night” feels like classic Skillet. The tune boasts a feel-good chorus that shouts “radio-friendly.” The same can be said for “Yours to Hold,” as John Cooper’s familiar vocals and warm vibe emanate from the tune. The same sensation strikes the track “The Older I Get.” Here, the tune is once again radio-ready with an infectious, singable chorus. Comatose is a record that sustains on many levels. Cooper is really on target. Quiet moments like “Say Goodbye” are effectively woven with heavier moments like “Those Nights.” When guitar progressions meet piano nuances, special things happen with this band.

You can buy Comatose on iTunes for $7.99 USC (United States Currency / dollars / bucks). See Skillet’s Website HERE or see our Band Page for them HERE


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