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Awake is a Skillet Album, released in 2009. Part of an (Well, as far as I would think because it sounds cooler) Album Trilogy. 1. Comatose, 2. Comatose Comes Alive, and then this album, 3. Awake. Awake is action packed with solos, love, and heart breaks. Check out the lyrics we have below.


  1. Hero
  2. Monster
  3. Don’t Wake Me
  4. Awake And Alive
  5. One Day Too Late
  6. It’s Not Me It’s You (My mother’s personal favorite 😆 )
  7. Should’ve When You Could’ve
  8. Believe
  9. Forgiven
  10. Sometimes
  11. Never Surrender
  12. Lucy
  13. Dead Inside (Bonus Track)
  14. Would It Matter (Bonus Track)
  15. Monster (Alternate Radio Version)

(Note: The second Monster is just removing the “Growling” of th first. All lyrics stay the same, so it does direct you to the same lyric page as the first.)

iTunes Reviews

On Awake, Skillet follows up the success of 2006’s Comatose with a similar blast of melodramatic pop/rock from a Christian perspective. Singer/bassist John Cooper leads his comrades through a set of ballad-heavy tracks filled with spiritual conflict and romantic anguish. Cooper’s throat-searing vocals drive home the desperation within “Forgiven,” “Monster,” and “Hero” (the latter featuring some equally urgent singing by drummer Jen Ledge). On the earthly plane, love’s rough patches are exposed in the stinging “One Day Too Late,” the snarling “Should’ve When You Could’ve,” and the regretful “Don’t Wake Me.” Though many of the tunes here are decidedly dark, “Awake and Alive” offers a God-centered battle cry as stirring as any Skillet has recorded. The ballad “Lucy” closes on a melancholy note. Overall, this album occupies a niche somewhere between Red and Evanescence, counter-pointing expressions of faith with boy/girl angst. Though Awake rarely strays beyond the boundaries set by Comatose, it stands on its own for its muscular attack and underlying passion.

You can buy the Deluxe Version of this Album on iTunes for $11.99 USC (United Stated Currency / bucks), or the regular version, which does not include the amazing Bonus Tracks on iTunes for $9.99 USC

You can go to Skillet’s Website HERE or you can see our Band Page here on the blog with other lyrics of their’s, HERE.


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