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Comment Policy

HI Boys and Squirrels!!! I have decided to add a comment policy because of some meanies. Here are the rules, please follow them, because if you break certain rules your comment will be spammed.   Also, if it was a typo, which happens frequently, then please reply to your comment fast, saying so. Here ya’ go:

  • No cussing. This site is rated PG, please don’t make us have to change that because of you pottymouth’s. (Exceptions: Crap is allowed. If you question other words that may be considered bad, please ask? Don’t just use this as an excuse to cuss)
  • No Cyberbullying. If any of the Authors, or just an innocent bystander see a cyberbully, you will be spammed, permanently.
  • Please don’t advertise another site. It is one thing to ask someone to join your blog, and give them a link, but another to just Advertise.
  • Comment often!!  We like often commenters!!
  • Please don’t stalk anyone… It’s creepy dudes.
  • Please keep on-topic… if you would like to chat off-topica… Well I don’t know what to tell you, but please don’t do it here.
  • NO SPAMMERS ALLOWED!!!!!!! If you have been a repeat offender and you are spammed, stop giving us the pleasure of RESPAMMING YOU!!
  • No forcing your beliefs. This site IS to talk Religion, but it isn’t to bully people INTO Religion.

These rules all make up the Comment Policy. Please don’t make us spam you… And Y’all come back now! Ya’ Hear??

~~ The Nameless Team~~

PS: If you have any suggestions that you think should be added to this page, then please let us know. You could comment, or you could use the Talk To Nameless page 😀 Thanks ~~The Nameless Team~~


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