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Hi there. Now, this is going to be a little different from most of my posts, so stay with me even if I get mad. Online, I’m known as Nameless Undefined. I’m a blogger, writer, and professional teenager.

Recently, Zayn Malik left One Direction, and I’m really shocked at the aftermath. I’m not a huge fangirl or anything, but I do have a couple of their CDs, and I have listened to a lot of their music. I thought Directioners could be obsessive and weird, but aren’t we all? We’re teenagers, that’s pretty much everything about us. But what the Zayn fans of the Fandom have done, it’s STUPID.







I don’t know if you have heard about this hashtag I recently saw trending on Twitter. It’s called, #Cutting4Zayn (And you can click that link to see the tweets about it). If you want to know what it’s about, it’s not about hair.

Really? This is disgusting. Have you no regard to your safety? Or are you just stupid? HE IS A PERSON. You’re really doing something this insanely erroneous (*WRONG*)? I, personally, think that if this is what the human race has come to, then we are all DOOMED. Cutting? Because a guy? A guy left a band? Really?


I will speak in a calmer (NOT REALLY) way when I tell you this. Personally, I hate this. A friend of mine is a self-harmer and I would do anything to make her stop, but I can’t do that. Keep trying? Yeah, I can and will. But if you people, you “Fans,” keep doing this, do you think she, or anyone for that matter, is going to get help? You want to show that you’re going to miss Zayn? Paint a sign, hashtag goodbye, or even gain a pound! For Pete’s sake, this is just dense, ignorant, and vacuous. GET A LIFE, or GET A BRAIN.

You, you will have kids one day. Do you really want to explain to your little kid why you have scars on your arm? Because a guy LEFT A FREAKING BAND? Do you? If you haven’t #Cut4Zayn yet and you’ve been thinking about it, do you really want to explain to a little kid in the mall when you walk by why you have a giant scar on your skin because Zayn left One Direction?

It’s a band.

Get over it. You will move on. You probably won’t even listen to their music in one year if one of the guys disses Lady GooGoo or dates someone who you shipped with someone else. This may sound harsh, but I don’t care anymore.

This is stupid. This is heartbreakingly IGNORANT. And if this is what the Fandom is, a bunch of girls cutting themselves because a guy left, then I’m most definitely not going to join.


PS: #DontBeStupid

PPS: You want to comment and say I don’t understand the pain? Adam Gontier left my favorite (Tied with Skillet) favorite band, Three Days Grace. Did I cut myself? No. Did I cry? Yeah. Did I tweet? HECK YEAH. But did I do something so horrifyingly dumb? No. I understand the pain. You don’t understand the consequences.


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2 comments on “#StupidGirls4Zayn

  1. Potato
    April 21, 2015


    I heard about this too. And I agree with everything in your post.

    This is NOT right. This stupid fad is most likely making Zayn (a perfectly nice guy who has quit for his own best interests) extremely guilty over the cutting, and YOU’RE BASICALLY GUILT-TRIPPING HIM HERE.


    And think about what you’re probably doing to the younger fans who don’t know any better! They’re probably thinking, hey, it’s a new trend, I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon. Not cool. Cutting isn’t going to bring him back.

    Is this still going on? Because, wow. These fans barely even know him. They know him as a celebrity. Not as person.

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  2. Midnight Stardust 卌
    May 29, 2015

    I too, have heard about this, and although this is kinda old news, this is just sad. Some of the fans were even committing suicide because he left the band! Really? I mean… REALLY? I’m sorry… That’s just too far. I mean, when my favorite band of all time, There for Tomorrow, broke up, I didn’t even cry about it. Their music lived on, they lived on, they MOVED on. So we should all do the same.


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