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Hiring and Disney XD

Hello there readers! Nameless here, of course. I just want to take a moment from this post to let you know that I am currently looking to have some Authors join the blog. No real experience needed, but I will NOT hire if you aren’t going to post with grammar. There’s no real subject or limit as to what you can / have to blog about, but that’s why I think there would be a bit for everyone.

Potato and I are also hoping to bring back the TTH Newspaper! She introduced the idea, and I realize every time we bring this back we (Mostly I) either change the layout, or we don’t post. I have not decided on the layout we will use yet. If we use Paint, as we previously have, then it’s really hard to fit everything into a certain size page, but it does make it feel more like a newspaper. If we do it by post, it’s less of a newspaper, but everything can fit easily. If you know of any programs that may make it easier to post, then please feel free to comment below 😉

Now for a News-ey part of the blog! Do you like Doctor Who? Do you have the Disney XD Channel? If you have Dish, they both come in the same package! Now, let’s get news-ey with it.

Disney XD (Not the emoticon, the channel) recently announced that it will begin airing Series’ 2-4 of the incarnation of Doctor Who. This meaning, David Tennant. Doctor Who, the series, was remade in 2005 with “The Ninth Doctor,” and Rose Tyler, his companion. After that series (They’re called series, not seasons. So think of a Series as a Season,) Christopher Eccleston (9) “Regenerated,” and David Tennant took his place. David Tennant remained the 10th Doctor for 3 series. One with Rose Tyler, one with Martha Jones, and one with Donna Noble. These three series will all begin airing on Disney XD in May, starting with, “New Earth.”

I think that’s all for now. Share the post if you like it, like the post if you don’t 😉

~~Nameless Undefined – @teenageherald #TheTeenageHerald


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2 comments on “Hiring and Disney XD

  1. Red Spider
    May 14, 2015

    Sorry nameless the blog invite did not work can you resend it to the username kurtbushg1


    • Nameless UnDEFiNed
      May 16, 2015

      My laptop is broken and I can’t find where it sends from the iPad app. You’ll have to wait until I do, or until I get my laptop fixed (2-4 weeks)


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