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So, apparently Zayn has left One Direction. What a surprise. 😐

I’m not a fan, but it seems weird, you know? Soon, the others will leave, and later on we’ll be  talking to our grandkids about this really popular boy band back in the days. And the little ones will be looking at us, eyes wide, going “Man, grammaw, you’re old”. 

Bless their dear little hearts.


I’m starting Supernatural, that one famous TV show about 2 brothers and their angel. After hearing about it on Tumblr so much, I thought, why not? I’m actually enjoying it a lot so far. The first season was reallllly scary. And heartbreaking. And adorable.


Really, he’s adorable.

I’m starting season 2, but unfortunately, Tumblr has spoiled everything for me.


I know that Bobby dies. I know that Dean dies too much. I also know Sam dies once or twice (😭) I know Castiel is an angel who is too cute for words. And kinda emotionally stunted. And is nicknamed Cas. 😊😊😊

I know that people are hating on John Winchester, but I don’t get why? I mean, yeah, he was a pretty bad dad, but he sold his soul for Dean to live, so…?

I know that Cas may probably be a little in love with Dean, Dean is also probably a little in love with Cas, Sam is called a moose, Sam drinks demon blood, Dean is a demon, God is apparently named Chuck, he’s got a secretary named Becky (?), Lucifer is kinda cute(that sounds wrong), Dean loves pie, Sam loves plaid, Castel loves trenchcoat, and etc.

Wow. In the fandom before I even heard their voices.


Really. I never meant to get this invested in the brothers just by wandering around Tumblr.😞


One comment on “Boo

  1. Nameless UnDEFiNed
    March 25, 2015

    I don’t really listen to any of their new music, but I only ever joined the fandom because at one point I was a twelve year old girl. And then there’s niall and who doesn’t love a guy who offered to marry food?

    *gets tumblr with this* *inserts photo of Augustus waters at dinner*


    I am a peanut.


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