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Whenever I’m alone, I think yes. I am spectacular and wonderful and awesome and nasty words don’t affect me because I am a strong feminist….

…and then one person will make a disparaging remark about me, or I’ll see a girl whispering to her friend while looking in my direction, and my self esteem immediately drops down. I want to hide underneath a blanket and never come out.

I used to think this was terrible. I wanted to have great self esteem and not care about my looks and be totally myself without wondering what others would say.

But you know what I discovered about myself in the past year?

I discovered that it’s OK to be self conscious and worry about how you look, because tbh, I don’t think anyone has a perfect self worth. We’re teenagers. Human. Of course we’re gonna be self conscious. 

I guess the message behind this post is, that it’s OK. You don’t need to hate yourself for being self conscious. But don’t hate yourself for being you.

I’m really not good with endings….so I’m just going stop writing now. 😊


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