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Hey there people! Nameless here! So, Sunday, I went to one of the WinterJam shows. I was the first seat closest to the stage in the second row, and I would’ve been first row except they were reserved for contest winners (Not for people who camped out for two freaking days…).

There were 10 artists performing, and then Tony Nolan was a speaker (Who just followed me on Twitter, by the way…). Skillet, my favorite band, was headlining, and Veridia (An amazing artist) was the first act. I actually had heard most of the artists already (I listen to Air 1 Radio, and they were a sponsor so of course they were playing the music ;p). I really don’t know where I’m going with this, but I have to go somewhere considering what I made the title.

BZRK is a song by probably one of my favorite (But not my #1 Favorite, again, Skillet) bands, Family Force 5. Currently consisting of, I’m being honest, but feel free to laugh, Crouton, Fatty, Nadaddy, ChapStique, and Hollywood. I’m serious. Check it,

FF5 1

Yes. And I have to admit, it was AMAZING! They played my two faves, Chainsaw and Cray Button. I even got a pick from ChapStique 😀 😀 I’m already looking for a show to go to this summer! However I did want to barf when my grandmother started going on about how she liked Fatty :$ Regardless, their music is amazing, and I also bought their Chainsaw shirt (Which means I got their album, Time Stands Still, with it.). I haven’t gotten to listen to the whole thing yet, but I seriously recommend it because it is awesome. Now, Chainsaw and Cray Button are not on this album, but Sweep The Leg and BZRK are, so I will put the videos below.

Please note, I know I normally recommend more hard rock songs, but these guys have a lot of Electric Songs, so if you like those, you really should listen, and if you don’t like laughing, forget you because laughing makes you live longer!

I think that’s all, check out the videos before, and make sure your volume isn’t up too loud before you prepare because your ears will NOT thank you later!

~~Nameless Undefined


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