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Right, hello there! I won’t give out my name because I am paranoid, sorry (not sorry), but you can call me Potato. Cause I like potatoes. Yay.

I am a new author on this blog.  A few facts about me:

I’m Canadian, and verrrrry proud of this, so expect a lot of Canadian-y posts here

I also adore potatoes for some reason.

I support feminism, LGBTQA rights, and basically all things social justice.

I just searched up “get to know me templates”, because I don’t know what to talk about. Well.

I don’t like heights. Especially people falling off. I get these vivid dreams about my family falling off cliffs, okay?

I’m a girl.

A banana is a berry, did you know that?

I love Tumblr.

I seem quiet and polite to my classmates. MWAHAHAHHAH. If only they knew.

I guess that’s everything for now. Thank you Nameless for having me here!

See you, eh



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