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Hey peoples, so I know I’ve been super inactive lately, I’ve just been busy. School started back for me today, so yeah. Algebra. I’M PASSING! Anyways, I will be working on the newspaper still, I need more entries. To make up for it, check out this AWESOME list of songs that I think you should listen to 😉

Was he singing Falling Inside The Black? (Don’t leave me it’s so cold, never wanna be so cold) Meh, still shouldn’t have worn a SUPERMAN SHIRT. Isn’t that like, illegal or something?

Sadly, I can’t post my own Ice Bucket Challenge Video since I didn’t do one. I did my own Redneck Challenge. The Tractor Bucket Challenge (Bucket donated by Nana). I STILL can’t post the video since well, my sister was “Videoing” it for me, but she ONLY TOOK TWO FREAKING PICTURES. Yeah. Still mad. Back to Monster.



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