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The Time to Resign is NOW

Hey guys. So, title says it all. So, I’m going to resign this blog, but before you shower me with comments including rage and sadness, I’d just like you to hear my reasons out.

One, it’s kind of hard, considering I also do Poptropica blogging. Poptropica Blogging has kept me too busy to post regularly. I mean, there’s really nothing to post on here, which is why I barely post on here. I am way too busy to actually post on this blog; I have a very busy life and a lot of things to do. I also don’t even post frequently, so what’s the point :/

Two, it’s actually sorta weird working on an off-topic blog if your main blogging focus is Poptropica. I actually focus more on Poptropica than off-topica blogging. I just find it weird for some pretty odd reason. Working here isn’t a treat to me anymore. It seems to be a bunch of work to do, and it’s getting quite boring.

Three, I have actually lost interest of this blog. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but this blog is.. dull and uninteresting for me. Between being an editor and actually getting to post and being a viewer and actually view and comment, I would actually pick the second over the first one.

Fourth, I’m pretty sure it’s more beneficial for a blog to have active authors than to have an author who BARELY posts. I just don’t want to take up the space. I mean, someone out there probably deserves it more than me.

This blog has had a good run. I had a good time, reading the posts, reading your comments, etc. But it’s just too much. Now, before I say goodbye, I’m going to give thanks to….

The authors/editors, for giving me a warm welcome, and helping Nameless by posting, commenting, etc.

The viewers, for commenting on posts and you know, doing what your doing 😉

And best for last, Nameless, for making this wonderful blog, doing AWESOME things, doing hard work, and you know what I mean, Keep on blogging!

Don’t worry, I’ll still view this blog and comment 😉 . I might be back someday, but I highly doubt it.

The last goodbye.

– BC


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