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Remember the Straw

Hey guys! So I was watching the new Nigahiga video on Youtube the other day about cyberbullying, and it really got me thinking. Here is the video:

In addition to Ryan Higa’s very controversial opinion, here is my even more controversial opinion:

I believe that what Ryan Higa says about cyberbullying is 100% true. It is indeed a first world problem. It is extremely easy to evade, yet most people who are cyberbullied don’t even choose to do so. If you know me, you know that I never believed cyberbullying was a problem. You know that I just ignore cyberbullies and I legitimately don’t give a crap about them. I never really elaborated on my opinion about cyberbullies, but many of you could guess that if anyone ever complains about cyberbullying to me, I would just say suck it up.

Now before you go on the offensive and lambaste me with criticism, I know that my opinion is strongly worded and expressed. I just really want you guys to know that cyberbullying is so easy to overcome. So many people have come to me before and told me that they were cyberbullied and they didn’t know what to do about it. Honestly, just ignore the bullies and just get offline.

One of the worst things I have encountered is people who actually listen to cyberbullies. For example, if a cyberbully tells you to kill yourself, would you just listen to them and kill yourself? Listening to what cyberbullies say is like believing everything that you read on the internet. Do you really believe everything that is on the internet? Of course not.

Another reason I bring up this topic is because of what I have encountered on the past. Over the years that I have been on chat, people know I am really strict and edgy when it comes to rules. It isn’t predominantly expressed now, but quite a while ago, a lot of people used to message me via email/chat about getting cyberbullied on chat. They were always like, “So and so was being mean!! Do something BC!” And most of you know that I would reply, “Unless so and so was breaking the rules, I can’t do anything about it.” Obviously that response has earned me a sassy reputation, which I am fine with 🙂

I don’t punish people on chat for disrespectful behavior towards me, the owners, the mods, or anyone else. The thing is, some moderators on chat seem to do that. “With great power comes great responsibility,” I would say. The moderators KNOW the rules, and they KNOW that they cannot punish people who are disrespectful towards them, yet are technically not breaking the rules. A violation of this rule has happened quite a few times, so mods, I will tell you right now, suck it up and follow the rules or else you lose your job (oh jeez that sounded rude, well, sorry for the hard feelings)

Another reason why I bring up this topic now is because I knew that “haters” and “cyberbullies” teemed with life throughout the blog. Dealing with cyberbullies in that way honestly made everything worse; it annoyed the haters even more and caused them to do more stupid stuff such as copying us and writing terrible things about our blog. The easiest way for us to avoid the haters was to just ignore them, and that seemingly is working for us quite well this year.

So back to cyberbullying being a first world problem. The words that Ryan Higa said that stood out to me the most was that “If you can’t take it, you shouldn’t be online.” I believe this is true, and many people have said these words to me before. There is no shame in evading bullying. In fact, you should be proud that you made the right decision to just walk away instead of retaliating. I would be so proud of you if you could accomplish this task, because many people really cannot.

So to sum up this post holistically, cyberbullying is such a first world problem. It is just like dropping your phone in the toilet, or losing the cap to your water bottle. The next time you encounter cyberbullying, just think of this straw:

Now suck it up. ~ Ryan Higa

– Nameless Swegmuffin

P.S. Please don’t take this post personally, it is just my opinion on the logistics of cyberbullying. This post is not meant to harm or target any individual.

PPS: Did you get it? Heh heh

PPPS: I have a Twitter! My username is SerenityKenny. If you have one, please tell me your username? Oh, and follow me too (I follow back :3 )


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