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Blue Is Fun. :P

Hey guys, it’s NL! Idk if this is really a great post but I do tae kwon do-I was a purple belt and today I tested for a blue belt, and I passed! 😀 Look at this pic!!!

I broke that board with something called an “elbow strike” and it took one try! 🙂 I’m gonna go to Home Depot to get a chain to link them together so I can hang it on my wall, linked together by the chain!!! 😀 😀

~NL, too happy for words YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY might work though XD


About 📱Cuddly Lion📱

Hey people!!! Cuddly Lion the Ironic here!!! XD You can call me CL, but I'm also ok with Cuddly Lion, Supreme Force Who Crushes His Enemies!!!! I love legos and poptropica and lego poptropica (Dr. Hare's Lair!) and stop motion. For any of those who don't know, I run a wordpress blog (Top Pop). The link is below, please check it out! I am an author on the PTFP, PPN, PWSP, and the Teenage Herald (all below). I write a fan fiction called the Tales of Two Icicles, starring Barefoot "B.F" Icicle and Slippery "Slip" Icicle. I like to give people a hand and read and write stories, and I hope that my comics never subside. ;) Peace!!!

6 comments on “Blue Is Fun. :P

  1. Nameless Penguin
    June 26, 2014

    Wowza! Congrats, NL! Gee, I sure wish I knew the order of the belts cuz I play this game called Club Penguin and on there there’s this thing called Card-Jitsu. On Card-Jitsu you get belts and in Card-Jitsu blue comes before purple…well I can’t wait to start my tae kwon do classes!


    • 📱Cuddly Lion📱
      June 26, 2014

      In mine it’s
      1. White
      2. Orange
      3. Yellow
      4. Camouflage
      5. Green
      6. Purple
      7. Blue
      8. Brown
      9. Red
      10. Red-Black
      11. Black 1st Degree
      12. Black 2nd Degree
      And so on, there’s nine degrees of black.


      • Nameless Penguin
        June 27, 2014

        Er, Camouflage? I’ve never heard of a Camouflage belt before…my dad’s just a red belt cuz he used to do tae kwon do.


  2. Brave Sky
    June 26, 2014

    Wow! That’s awesome! Congratulations! :mrgreen:


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