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Hopeful Inspiration

Hey guys, so here’s a story I just wanted to share with you and hope it inspires you to do something good for this world….

A guy was sleeping. He hadn’t heard about this fundraiser. His mom set up a fake wedding in the backyard, with beautiful flowers to raise money for the town, because the town needed money to preserve an ancient house that meant so much to it.

The guy hated it.

He complained as they set it all up. “This is boring, it’s stupid, why do I have to do this.” He finally decided he would run the ticket booth up front so that he could at least sit down during the six hour thing.

He was all alone, with his thoughts. Whenever someone came, he would check off #4 on their tickets or give them a ticket. He slowly began to enjoy his job.

His mom came up to him and told him he hadn’t eaten except for two muffins that morning. The guy laughed and told her he was fine. She seemed surprised, but left.

The guy checked his phone and sadly saw the time slipping away fast. He had to try and savor it, because now he really loved it.

Finally, four o’ clock came. The guy, without being asked, cleaned up half of the entire arrangement, even the ridiculously heavy umbrella stands. It was like he had no limits.

His mom came out and asked him how it was. He looked up at her and told her he had had a great time.

She was shocked.

Many people from the committee came over and repeatedly thanked the guy.

They had raised 3,000 dollars in that six hours.

Apparently people had praised him when they came to the backyard.

They offered to buy him a huge new lego set-any kind he wanted. He loved legos and found it tempting.

But he looked at them and said, “No. Don’t waste your money. I just raised a bunch of money for a good cause and I don’t want some kind of item reward for it.”

They literally just stood there in shock, mouths gaping.

The guy calmly cleaned up the rest of the yard and went upstairs and took a shower because he was filthy after all that time outside.

That guy was me.



About 📱Cuddly Lion📱

Hey people!!! Cuddly Lion the Ironic here!!! XD You can call me CL, but I'm also ok with Cuddly Lion, Supreme Force Who Crushes His Enemies!!!! I love legos and poptropica and lego poptropica (Dr. Hare's Lair!) and stop motion. For any of those who don't know, I run a wordpress blog (Top Pop). The link is below, please check it out! I am an author on the PTFP, PPN, PWSP, and the Teenage Herald (all below). I write a fan fiction called the Tales of Two Icicles, starring Barefoot "B.F" Icicle and Slippery "Slip" Icicle. I like to give people a hand and read and write stories, and I hope that my comics never subside. ;) Peace!!!

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