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Blog Updates!

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been REALLY inactive lately… I’ve been busy **Thumbs up** But I’ll be back to a LOT of work! So, expect your emails Full, Followers!

I know I haven’t been active on Twitter either, but I’ve been busy, and the mobile app of Twitter hasn’t been working on my phone… (WARNING: Since I tried to download the latest update…) I’ll get back to that, and that will be where I post some Verses, or where I post some Suggested, or not suggested 😛 Movie Trailers 🙂 I’ll post some here, but not as often as there…

Also, Video of the week? Well I think I’ll just randomly post videos 😛

As for TTH Issues, I haven’t been able to make any lately, since the Paint Program is on the Family Computer, which I’m not allowed to use for blogging **Dag nabbit** But I am getting my new computer soon, which has Windows 7, and its version of the Windows Program, Paint — So I can get back to making TTH Issues 🙂

So, read past TTH Issues HERE, check out our Twitter HERE, and Comment a Hashtag that you want to see on the page! 🙂 Well, I like Hashtagging, so maybe there should be a Twitter Month 😛 ONE MONTH OF HASHTAGGING TITLES xD That actually sounds pretty good… Well, check out the new Blog Suggestions Page, HERE too!

I think that’s it, so #LaterPeeps and check the Twitter Page for Previews of upcoming Blog things! (You do NOT need a Twitter account to view)





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One comment on “Blog Updates!

  1. Cuddly Lion
    April 22, 2014

    Jus make ur sign off in pwetty cowors XD


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