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Talk To Nameless ~ A Blog Announcement

This isn’t the one that I mentioned in the TTH Issue 4, I just got this one last night… And I have to say I’m a tad bit disappointed. Here’s what I was emailed.

 Hi NU,
I thought this site is for teens, not only Christians. I feel kinda left out cuz’ I’m not a Christian.
Thanks, Jen.

Well Jen… I think I should tell you the same thing that I told my friend Silver Wolf… She’s not a Christian, but she started viewing this blog when it first opened… It’s always been Faith-Based, but I just didn’t have this much… I understand, that it can make people who aren’t Christians uncomfortable, but when you say that, it makes those of us who are Christians uncomfortable… See? It’s kind of a win-lose situation either way…

Unless we compromise. See, this blog is still going to be for Christians, and still have verses, but it’s going to have more things for everyone… I’ve been working on this part for a while. I was trying to keep it simple for a while, until I could gather the resources for the rest of the blog. I don’t get out much, so I wanted to wait until I got some friends who knew more about the outside world could help.

Because then, then there will be SO MUCH MORE to post. This blog has always been for teens. It’s to help anyone… Little kids, teenagers, adults… All of them. But it’s just generally focused on Teenagers, because that’s what we know… CS joined to help with things like her Poetry, and video gaming. She’s a big gamer. We just kept it on the down low so we could surprise everyone…

Club Penguin Girl joined to help with so much and I can’t even list it 😛 She’ll be posting more recipes, she’ll be helping me with the Advice Questions, and she’s going to be doing more than that on TOP of it all 😀

And me? Well, I just kinda just sit here and ask people for favors to do on the blog… I put together the newspaper, even if it looks bad sometimes 😛 I write, but I don’t post those, since… Well I just don’t 😛


So, I decided to call it an “Expansion”, because we’re expanding the ways of the blog. I hope this makes everyone a little more comfortable. Video game talk, Teenager’s Posts, Comics, Relatable Posts, and more things to expand. Yes, we’ll still be posting our Faith, our Bible, and Our LORD’s name… But there WILL be more for you guys, all of you 🙂

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed


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2 comments on “Talk To Nameless ~ A Blog Announcement

  1. Storm Blazing Blue
    February 11, 2014

    This site is meant for teens, kids, and even adults. Basically everyone and anyone. However, just because this blog is faith based, doesn’t mean if you’re not a Christian that you can’t view it. We want you to feel welcome to the blog, so please do! (: Like I said, anyone can view the blog. And there’s way more to view, like Nameless said. (: Like video games, songs, poems, etc.Please don’t feel left out! (;


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