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Sorry, Teens!

Hey, everyone. Nameless Fashion’s back. Finally. Or maybe you didn’t like my posts, so then you’re sad now.

Anyway, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. I have two “excuses”.

I have been really busy with school. This is my first year of middle school, and I chose the hardest classes with no study hall and band. I also have softball four days a week and drama practice once a week, but that’s a few hours of studying a week, That means I’m up doing Pre-Algebra homework at 10pm.

Second, lately, (of course just as soon as I got used to my schedule) I was playing an intense soccer match in P.E. (let’s just say we were terrible at soccer, but we slaughtered the undefeated team (8-2) and the guy who is the best in the school. He was mad). He was trying to score a goal, but my finger got in the way. Anyway, long story short, I jammed it. It’s still hurt, but I can type now, so yeah!


Nameless Fashion-Leaving the Runway!



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