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TTH 4… Release date UNKNOWN 

I’m sorry guys… I know I told you that the TTH Issue 4 would be coming out this weekend. And it would be coming out this weekend, except my dad will be going back to Oklahoma on his business trip, for at least another week. 😦 I will probably post it after he leaves… This is going to be the third week that he has to leave and go to Oklahoma for a full week… Sorry guys. I’ll email it to Nameless Fashion or NS (The new Author… And congrats to NS for being the first guy on the Nameless Team!! 😀 WHOO HOO!!), maybe they can post it for me.

I guess while I have a little bit of time to post, I should give you some small updates, some of which won’t be featured in TTHI4 because I already finished the updates page, nonetheless:

  • Nameless Fashion’s first advice column will be featured in TTH Issue 5. Her very first Fashion Advice question (The one that will be featured), is from Fashion Bug.
  • We have a new Nameless! NS (I haven’t been informed of what the S stands for yet, but since I know him it might be Spinner? IDK), is the first guy to join the team, and good luck putting up with NF and me! Er, I mean keeping up with NF and me… O_O
  • There are less than 82 days until CHRISTMAS!!!! YAY! I found this EPIC Christmas Countdown Clock, if you want to see it, HERE is the place. And HERE. I’ll see about featuring it in a page soon… I’ll email a request for permission 😀

Also, I’ve been INSANELY busy with my Writer’s Contest on my Poptropica Blog, Poptropican Awesomeness… Well, I am waiting a little longer to announce the placement of the Top 3 O_O I think I just went “On-topica”?? O_O O_O Well, maybe I’ll start working on a story series for here after a season finale of my other Story Series 😀

I think that’s all…. Well, TTH coming soon! Please send suggestions or Talk To Nameless questions? And, now that NS is here, he can answer your guys’ questions, instead of a girl 😀 Hope you guys have fun! Bye! Miss me?!

~~Nameless, temporarily leaving~~

~~The Nameless Team~~


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