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Daily Devotion

Hey-o!! Here’s your Daily Devotion. And I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m working on next week’s Edition of TTH. If you would like to submit, then please e-mail ? If you don’t have an e-mail, but would still like to submit, then please use our Contact Page.

Christianity Here and Now:

Teach me to do Your will, for you are my God. May Your gracious Spirit lead me on level ground.                              Psalm 143:10 Holman CSB


God doesn’t want you to be a run-of-the-mill, follow-the-crowd kind of person. God wants you to be a “new creation” through Him. And that’s exactly what you should want for yourself, too.

Nothing is more important than your wholehearted commitment to your Creator and to His only begotten Son. Your faith must never be afterthought; it must be your Ultimate priority, your ultimate possession, and your ultimate passion.

You are the recipient of Christ’s love. Accept it enthusiastically and share it passionately. Jesus deserves your extreme enthusiasm; the world deserves it; and you deserve the experience of sharing it.


God’s purpose is that we be disciples and then make disciples.      ~~Charles Stanley


This is Day 4 in my Daily Devotion. If you would like a specific verse to be featured in this week’s edition of TTH, please comment below.  ~~Nameless


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