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The Teenage Herald (Issue 1)

Hey there readers!! It’s Nameless… You know I think this is the first newspaper ever written alone… (By me at least 😆 ) So, well, I guess here it is. (The columns are separated by Headers… Which means the text goes from; Blah blah blah, to:

Blah blah blah

Get it?? Good. If you don’t, good luck then.)

Ask Nameless:

This edition of TTH has a question from: HannaH Blank. Here’s her question:

Hi Nameless… Well, I don’t exactly understand you. I know it’s weird, but that’s sort of my question…… I mean, your Gravatar image is a “Poptropican”, and you blog about Teenagers. I thought this blog was for Teenagers, not little kids. How are we supposed to take advice FOR TEENAGERS, from someone who appears to be a little kid??

Wow, HannaH I never thought I’d be asked that here… But nonetheless, my answer would be, I’m a Teenager. Yes. My gravatar image is a Poptropican, yes. The reason my gravatar image is a Poptropican, is because I’m also a Poptropica blogger. This isn’t my ONLY blog! 😆 😯 You see, I do this blog, because I live this blog. I Pop-Blog, because I’m good with Poptropica, and it makes me feel better that I am good at something… Pop-Blogging let’s other people see I’m ACTUALLY good at something other than eating double cheeseburgers. I’m not a little kid, though a lot of the time I act like one… My advice is BY Teens, FOR Teens. (Oh great!! Now I’m starting to sound like those annoying kids on TV!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!) Thank you for sending in a question!


(When I type Nameless blank in that Header, I mean kind of like a menu where I explain some stuff or add in what I want to say… Which doesn’t really matter since I’m the only one who works here, and I own this blog too.) Wowzers, I never thought about myself working with a little kid!!!! Oh, I’m not a kid… Ummm, why am I talking about myself as a third person… Talking about the other two as if they are different people?????? Anyways, if you would like to submit a question to Nameless, then just e-mail or use the Contact Form on the Talk To Nameless page. Now here is the Daily Devotion:

Daily Devotion:

Decisions — you’ve made a million of them, and you’ve still got millions to make. Most of these choices are of the smaller variety—like what to do at a given moment, or what to say, or what to wear, or how to direct your thoughts. But a few of your decisions will be BIG like choosing to be a Christian, or deciding whether or not to stay in school, or choosing a profession. Whatever choices you face–whether they’re big, little, or somewhere in between—you can be sure that the quality of those choices will make a huge difference in the quality of your life.

How can you make better decisions? A great place to start is by talking things over with God before you spring into action, not after. While you’re at it, you can check things out with your parents—or with other concerned adults, like grandparents or teachers. And, you can learn to listen carefully to your conscience.

During the coming year, as you think about the lessons in these Devotions, please take these ideas seriously. When you do, you’ll make decisions that will please God and improve your life.

Daily Verse:

Don’t turn your back on Wisdom, for she will protect you. Love her, and she will guard you.                                Proverbs 4: 6 NLT

Lyrics of The Week:

Every storm runs, runs out of rain; Just like every dark night, turns into day. Every heartache will fade away, just like every storm runs, runs out of rain. (Gary Allen: Every Storm (Runs out of rain))

Sometimes, it feels like, I’m gonna break. Sometimes, this world gives more than I can take. Sometimes, sunshine, gets lost in the rain. And it keeps pouring down, it just keeps coming down. (Thompson Square:  If I Didn’t Have You)

Run into the light, Get out of your own way. Not afraid to fight, believe in what you say. I’ll hold on til the night. Hangin’ by a thread and I’m scared to let go, thoughts inside your head that creep up to get you. I believe this is right, so I’ll hold on til the night. (Greyson Chance: Hold On Til The Night.)

If you have any inspirational lyrics and think others should hear them, then please comment, use the contact form, or email Thanks.


Well, I think that’s all… I guess I need more submissions. This is what I did. By myself. If you’re scared to submit, why are you scared?? If you’re interested in this paper, then just say so?? I don’t want anything from you but some acknowledgement… I work hard, even though it doesn’t always show. I don’t just mean blogging, I mean in real life. Just please, help me; help others? Help me, help you, help others… ?? Umm, let me reread that a couple of times until I decide if that’s how I’m supposed to say it or not………… Well, I don’t care, I like saying it like that. When / If I get enough people participating, then I will start Bible trivia. Please include if you want to show what you know!! (You don’t have to be a writer, or an Author to contribute… You just have to be you. ) (Preteens allowed too!! Teens aren’t the only ones that get to have a little fun!!!!)



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