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Coming soon to TTH. (If you help)

Well, I was in the car earlier and I asked my mom a really stupid question, that actually made since… Well, here is the one I asked, and some other questions I don’t think people ask. (If you have one, comment it, and I’ll add it to the post. If I get enough, I’ll make a page specially for it.)

  • If they’re “Double Stuf” Oreo’s… Then why is there only one “f”??
  • If they’re “MEGA Stuf”, then why isn’t there the second “F” that should be on on “Double Stuf”??

Well, that’s what I’ve got… I guess I should find more, but because of who I am, it won’t be hard. I think I’m gonna go beg for a Twitter again.

I just wanted everyone to know, since this is a newspaper blog, I’ll be starting a newspaper. If you would like to submit something that you would like included in this new project, then please email me @ or . Please submit?? I’ll be your best friend!!! Any response at this point will make me happier… If anyone is reading… (I will be having a faith category as well, so you can submit for that too… Please spread the word at church, because if I don’t get enough submissions, then I can post anything… I’ll try and have a daily devotions column if we get this thing started.



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One comment on “Coming soon to TTH. (If you help)

  1. Young Flame
    September 15, 2013

    I have one. How did school come to be? If I made it up, I would make it a LOT more kid friendly (stupid elementary school bullies!)


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