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Sister from another mister… Whom I’ve never met.

Hey guys. Well, I’m a writer… And an actress. (Not completely known yet. Still mailing portfolios 😆 ) So, drama skill is in my blood. I guess I’ll start writing a drama series… But that’s not why I titled the post that. It just popped into my head. The reason the post is titled that is for below.

Silver Wolf, no matter how well I don’t know her, is my friend. Not like someone who says you’re friends, and then you guys are best friends until the 8th grade when she texts you some not so nice stuff!! — Sorry, been there, done that, and I hated it. So, Silver Wolf was the Hearted Nameless, which I can’t make hearts to explain, but she left, and I’m alone. Before she left, she designed something for all of you. I wanted to wait to show it to you until there were more of you, but this blog is for everyone, whether they get here faster or not. So, here is the TTH Logo. By Silver Wolf. My Sister from another mister… Neither of which I’ve ever met.

tthAlso, I saw the trailer for The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire… It. Was. AWESOME!!!!!! I’ll edit it into the post when I can, but until then here are some Catching Fire Wallpapers I’ve got.



055All are wallpaper size. Later guys ~~ ~~ — — Nameless



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