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Original Return?? YES!!!

Hey guys!! Nameless UnDEFiNed here, with a TRIUMPHANT RETURN!!! 



I’m back, keep in mind you can still contact Nameless, but I realize that strangely not EVERYONE has an e-mail, so I will be adding a contact form to the Talk To Nameless page…. So for those of you who don’t have an e-mail, you can use that, now on to business….

I know that the average teenager, DOESN’T EXSIST!! The closest I’ve seen to average, is a sunny side up egg!!  So here is something that may scare, or alter our minds, since us non-average, actual in existence, teenagers don’t have (NON-EXISTENT) average minds… 

I was listening to the radio earlier, waiting on my brother to GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM ALREADY!!! Sorry, I get lost when I type sometimes… Man I’m making this carry on… BACK TO THE SUBJECT: I was listening to the radio, and then I heard Japan had sent a robot into space?!???! NOOOOOONONONONONOOO NO! NO. I watched the first half hour of The Terminators…. THIS SCARES ME!!! They sent those Cyborgs into space, and then they took control of EARTH?!?!? I say we put them in a rocket and just let them rot on their way OUT of the Milky Way!! Comment please if you agree!??! So, the worst part is, I watched it for SO LONG, because I was waiting for Jeremy London to come in, but I have YET to see him 😦 😥 Scroll down for more news from Nameless.

I left, before any of this happened, so the day after SW’s / Nameless with Hearts that I can’t do -‘s last post, Cory Montieth died. I have been on TMZ and some say it was a drug overdose or something,I don’t really know because my mother won’t let me read it.

This post is very colorful as you may notice, because I like the NEONs. And I think I’m going to make this next paragraph burgundy for Daniel Bryan, because he already was, but now he will remain, my favorite wrestler.

Bryan Danielson, otherwise known by his ring name Daniel Bryan, is a good wrestler. Most people refer to him as a troll, but he is a lot BETTER LOOKING than any troll I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying a lot, because I woke up to my sister’s face THIS MORNING…. I was Googling Daniel Bryan, to see if he and one of those Bella Twins were finally engaged, and I saw something on the sidebar that made me click,

Here is what I saw and clicked on.

Here is what I saw and clicked on.

This is so sweet to me…. My favorite part of the video is when Stone Crusher asked Kane if he was going to beat up Santa… And Kane said, QUOTE “Maybe”. 😀 xD 

WWE's Daniel Bryan Tapping Out To A 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Is Just As Adorable As It Sounds

Dang that is AWESOME-R than the Miz now… Some comments joke around and say Kane was there to visit the burnt patients. And some say that it got awkward when Kane asked Conner “Stone Crusher”‘s Mom if she wanted to see Conner get a Tombstone… Yup, AWKWARD. Now, I know that John Cena gets called by Make-A-Wish ALL THE TIME, but this is amazing to see someone other than Justin Bieber and John Cena. Here is some info I got from that post: 

Daniel Bryan Yes Lock

There are only three types of pro wrestling news on the Internet:

1. Show recaps where people pretend they could do a better job than the professionals (got those covered)
2. Backstage gossip that is 5% true at best
3. Updates about wrestlers dying or going to jail

Believe it or not there is occasionally good wrestling news, and I’m happy to share an example of that with you now — WWE tag team champion Daniel Bryan responded to a request from 7-year-old kid with brain cancer to visit him in the hospital and let him tap D-Bry out to his own submission hold. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time, both because of how heartening it is to know my favorite wrestler in the world is an awesome guy beyond the camera and because this kid has fantastic taste and didn’t just ask for John Cena.

It all started with a YouTube video of 7-year-old Connor Michalek making a plea to meet his all-time favorite WWE wrestler, Daniel Bryan.

The Shaler Township boy was diagnosed with cancer of the brain and spine when he was just 3-years-old. He’s had multiple surgeries and several rounds of chemotherapy.

Word of Conner’s desire to meet the WWE star spread like wildfire on social media and local radio stations. And on Tuesday, Conner’s wish to meet Bryan and put him in his signature “no lock” position came true. (via Pittsburgh CBS Local)

Picture and video of that are below, because tears.

Stone Crusher Daniel BryanAs niche and weird as it is, it’s nice to remember that pro wrestling can be a truly universal thing, and makes a lot of people happy. Best possible wishes to Conner (or “Stone Crusher,” as he likes to be called). I want to see a D-Bry/Stone Crusher rematch 15 years from now.

Conner Daniel Bryan

Read more:

For some reason I can’t get the video here, so you can watch through the link that says Read More. The video is sweet, and funny.

I guess this post is long enough as it is, so I will talk to you guys later, and try to find some new stuff.

P.S. Please check out Nameless W/ Hearts, NEW SITE, Our Awesomeness Combined

Nameless UnDEFiNed (And please check out the link in my sign off? It has my new music site, which is life long.)


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  1. Cool Smarticle
    August 5, 2013

    Whoa. O_O Anyway welcome back!


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