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Oh My Gosh – So Many New Posts!

Okay, well, I’m adding ANOTHER thing I want to do on here. It’s called Teen Fantasy. On Google+, there is this person called Teen Fantasy who posts things that teenagers/preteens relate to. Well, I decided to share some of the things she/he posts. đŸ™‚

  1. “I’m odd.”
  2. “I take photos of everything.”
  3. “I love it when people acknowledge or remember me.”
  4. “I eat more than I should.”
  5. “I still believe in the Disney kind of love.”
  6. “I could spend hours in water.”
  7. “I think people have the wrong idea about me.”
  8. “I get lost in my thoughts.”
  9. “I can never control my laughter.”
  10. “I wish I could fly.”
  11. “I like someone I don’t think I have a chance with.”
  12. “I’m always biting my lips.”
  13. “I’m constantly craving junk food.”
  14. “I can never be mean.”
  15. “I wish I could play an instrument.”

Well, like the quote posts, please comment how you relate to each one and what you think. Thanks, and bai! ~♥☻Nameless☻♥


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One comment on “Oh My Gosh – So Many New Posts!

  1. Cool Smarticle
    July 11, 2013

    Most of this is the same for me.


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