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Just a Journal Entry

I’ve decided to do something called “Just a Journal Entry.” Most of my “Just a Journal Entry” posts will happen when school starts again. Here is a journal entry from 5-30-13:

“I’ll never be accepted, will I? Cynthia…(K) *Flashback* At the beginning of the year, (The first semester.), I sat at a table with my friends… Then, there was no room for me. I was an outcast. I went to Cynthia’s table She didn’t have many friends, and we became best friends quickly… But, I was still upset. *Flashback over.* Now, Cynthia has lots of friends, and I guess she chose them over me. She started to sit at the table I used to sit at… She took my place. I guess there was room for her, wasn’t there? And now, apparently she old her friends that yesterday was her last day of school. [This is the taking place during the end of the year.] NOT me. Oh, yeah… Kiki (D), one of my closest friends, barely even remembers me sitting at that table… I’m sitting alone right now… I guess nobody cares. Another thing: Holly (K), Cynthia, Kiki, and I agreed to sit with each other one day at the new table I sit at. Well, I saved spots for them. …They never showed up. They went to my old table from the beginning of the year. They left me. The saddest thing is, Cynthia walked right past me and didn’t even say anything. It really hurt my feelings. I walked by Cynthia on the way out of lunch and almost burst into tears. She didn’t even ask if I was okay.”

That is one of the many things that went wrong this year. I know it seems little, but it is a bunch of things piled up which made me really sad. That’s the first journal entry. I didn’t allow my friends to read those pages in my notebook that I used as a yearbook since we didn’t get yearbooks. I didn’t want them to read it, but at the same time I did. I wanted people to know my feelings. But, now it is too late. Bai. ~♥☻Nameless☻♥


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  1. Cool Smarticle
    July 6, 2013



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