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Most of the bad stuff that has happened to me are little, but adds up to a big thing. Pain. All of it adds up into pain. Well, here is a story I would like to share:

School. A place to learn. A place to focus and not got bullied. But that is exactly what happened to me. I got bullied. The words are much worse than the physical pain that they do to you. There were multiple bullies at my old school which names I won’t say because of privacy. Hmm… I guess I would nickname them Chace (G), Nick (C), and Victoria (S). The letters beside the name is what their first name starts with. I have newer, fresher bullies, but that is another post.

The worst person was Nick. He wouldn’t leave me alone AT ALL. Every day, hurtful words and more hurtful words. At first, I was strong and tried to ignore him. then, I just started crying, and crying…and crying. Every single day. Which, of course, didn’t help my case at all. Nick constantly hurt me mentally and emotionally. Not physically, though.

The second worst would be Chace. We were friends, but he back-stabbed me eventually. Started calling me a cry baby, which, of course made me cry more. We were best buds. he even used to like me. Then, it went down hill. It started with ignoring me. Oh, I read in a psychology report “The Silent Treatment” causes as much damage to the brain as someone hurting you does to the body. Well, the Silent Treatment came. Much other stuff came, but this is just a summary for the bullies. He cause emotional and mental pain.

The third worse would be Victoria. She caused mental, emotional, and sometimes physical. She tripped me, pushed me, called me names, and the worst part was she cried every day for NO REASON. She blamed it on me, too. Oh yeah, I guess you could call her a “tattle-tale” as well. Of course, she only “tattled” on me. She did all three categories.

That’s it for now. Those were my old bullies, but I have more now. Those are summaries, so the more detailed versions will be in other posts. Cya. ~ ♥☻Nameless☻♥


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3 comments on “Memories….

  1. Cool Smarticle
    July 3, 2013

    Wha?????? Those jerks! 😡 That’s mean! Why would they do such a horrible thing to you Wolfy? 😥 Considering you’re so nice! 😥 This is bogus. 😥


    • Silver Wolf
      July 3, 2013

      Another one of my fave quotes: “The kindest hearts have been through the most pain.”

      Sent from Silver Wolf on Poptropica!!!


      • Cool Smarticle
        July 3, 2013

        😥 This is…… 😥 Why can’t I get the words out!??!!? 😥


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