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I know it’s kinda corny to have a Newspaper blog, but I am doing because I see hundreds of thousands of teens everyday, struggling. So if you need any advice, take some from another fellow teenager. I go by Nameless, because no one knows my name. I went to the same school for 3 years, and my gym teacher, and my cranky music/art teacher were the same the whole time. They NEVER learned my name.

I will put up a Dear Nameless Column page soon. But until then, you can email me at I don’t have a picture on that account, because no one would recognize me.  Email me if your parents are being unfair, if you have mean girls around every corner, if you can’t tell that girl that you like her, or if you just need someone to talk to. I get bored really easily, so you guys emailing me would keep me from getting bored/lazy/fat. Well, I’m already lazy, so hurry before I get fat!!

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about yourself to a total stranger, then here is a little bit about me:

Name: Unknown       Birthday: Late March, year, none of your business         Age:14         Favorite color: Purple, even if it’s lame to have a favorite color at 14.       Favorite TV show: 3 way tie: Person Of Interest, Monday Night RAW, Friday Night Smackdown                Favorite Sport: Basketball            Favorite Baseball team: Texas Rangers         Favorite Texas Ranger: Chuck Norris. JK, Nelson Cruz.              Favorite song: 3 way tie: Jerrod Neiman / Only God Could Love You More, Reba McEntire / Somebody’s Chelsea, Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss / Whiskey Lullaby.            Status: Single, always have been. Never anything official or real.             Occupation: None yet           Hobby: Motorcross.          Fave dog: Dalmatian. And that is really all about me.

So go ahead and ask away. Later, maybe.



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8 comments on “The Teenager’s Newspaper

  1. Silver Wolf
    June 27, 2013

    Hi. I have lots of problems, that a lot if people don’t have. I will probably email you to talk about it… I’m not exactly a teenager yet, but I have as much problems or more problems than teenagers. Thanks for making this site. Sometimes it is just good to know there are people out there like you.


  2. Spotted Dragon
    June 27, 2013

    I’m lucky for what I have (Food, Home, Money to live, ect.). I shouldn’t complain.
    But there are some things about me and my life that no one knows about except me, and I have to hold my feelings in to have the things I have. I have a good amount of friends, but… no REAL best friend. Thanks for this site, I can show my true feelings about everything. Because I can barely act like everything is fine around people.


    • Nameless UNdefiNEd Q*(^# 9
      June 27, 2013

      That’s what we are here for. I have SERIOUS family issues, my brothers are Autistic and retard isn’t a word you throw aroundd in our family, everyone knows that. I was at my aunt’s wedding, standing to the side with her maid of honor Misty, since we are good friends. My cousin Christian, who punched me in the face and elbowed my temple the day before, walked over and asked what I was doin. I goota go, i’ll put the rest in a post. After all this blog is so you can tell someone something you’re afraid to say, and no one knows who you really are here, so feel free to speak.



  3. Cool Smarticle
    June 29, 2013

    Hello. I have some friend problems. I mean serious problems. I have the worst “friends”. I can’t even say they are my friends. Here are some of the things I heard and/or have to deal with at my school.

    You know what I think is funny, but sad? My friend who went to Catholic school said that she thinks her dad hates her. I feel bad for her, but we were both laughing.

    Okay so I had P.E. class a long time ago during this school year. By my gym locker I found a penny and of course I took it and put it in my locker. Then after we did our warm ups we went outside and ran for 15 minutes as usual. Then as soon as I was ready to call my number so they can mark that I finished a lap, I tripped on the sidewalk, and fell om my right side. My right pinky hurt really bad and I couldn’t bend it. My left hand was bleeding, and for a second I think I was paralyzed. It was a feeling I’ve never felt before in my life. And my friend didn’t even help me. When I told my other friends the story they just laughed at me. And when I tripped it was like right in front of the teachers! But did they do anything? No. I told one of them and she said when we go inside she’ll give me a band aid. My other friend was right there when it happened and she just kept running. My pinky? I smashed it against the side walk.

    The one who said shut up to me seems like she has a crush on someone. She always seems happy around them, but I can’t say the same for them. The only reason she doesn’t like me and my other friends anymore is because we talk to the person we think she likes sometimes. Then she made a sonnet about that stuff and how it could hurt other’s feelings. It was for homework. I really don’t know what’s gotten in to her, but she needs to calm down.

    Another “friend” story – Okay, so I had this friend ever since preschool and we have the WEIRDEST things in common.We live on the same street, born in the same hospital, play the clarinet, born on teh same day, etc. Anyway, in the 5th grade, she met this girl, and now she doesn’t talk to me as much anymore. I know we have almost all of the same classes together, and she doesn’t have time to spend with her, but she always sits next to her in lunch, and when I want to talk to her I get cut off by her and they walk away. A few months ago, we were in health and we were working in the hall since we were ahead, my friend (H) and her “friend” (M), were working and they were trying to copy off of us. And my and my friend (G) noticed it. So we were trying to hide our work, but I got fed up with it. So I told them to stop. Then H said that I was her best friend or something and M said that she was her best friend. And I said to H you’re only my friend when you need me. I left H speechless.

    Another time, also in health, supposedly I was sitting in M’s chair, when we weregoing to leave, and I was talking to G, and M and H kept telling me to get off. I just said I’m talking to my friend and we’re going to leave anyway. Anyway I got up when we were putting the chairs up and I was talking to G again. H asked me if we had science homework, I knew the answer but I was so ticked off at the time. So I said I dunno, and kept talking to G. H kept asking and I kept saying I dunno. Anyway, she said I dunno isn’t an answer. But she always says that whenever I ask her! So I kept at it. Then I started to ignore them and M said to tell her, I just said I dunno, no comment, ?, etc. Sometimes she’s my “friend” and other times yeah no. She can be really annoying to. You should hear what people say behind her back and I agree with them all the way.

    Something not as bad – Once a kid asked me for a pencil and he was a friend so I said okay, give it to me after 1st block. I totally forgot about it. And when i saw him later I told him to give me the pencil back, and he said he’ll give it back tomorrow. So it was tomorrow during 1st block and he broke my pencil! What the heck?! You lend someone a pencil, and they keep it and break it! Then another time he asked for another pencil and I said no and kept begging me which was getting on my nerves so of course I was dumb enough to give him another one, and he lost it. Then he asked for ANOTHER one, and I said no, cuz he always breaks them and loses them. He even told me not to trust him with pencils! And one kid would just take your pencil case and help himself. So ya. I REALLY hate when people do that.

    Also, when I went to a band concert, I saw the girl who told me to shut up. And she totally killed an awesome funny joke I made! I HATE HER FREAKEN GUTS!!!!!!!!!! Just because I sometimes talk to, and friends with her crush, she’s mean to me! So you know what? I ignored her. And me and my other friends were laughing at her when some kid was saying mean things and spreading terrible rumors about her! I know it’s mean and unlike me. But she’s really getting on my bad side.

    Then, later she told me she like the color of the shirt that the school gives. Every advisory is a different color. Mine is red, but my friend won an aqua one and gave it to me. By the way the girl who told me to shut up has a blue shirt.

    She has also been ignoring me for awhile. And when ever I talk to a friend she butts in and starts her own conversation. That I can’t be apart of. 👿 Becuz they won’t listen to me, and they walk away. 👿 And she was mean to my another friend…… Text her mean things and such like that. 👿

    This is just some stuff that goes on in my school.

    I dunno what this has to do with anything… But –
    My Social Studies teacher was mowing his lawn when he came across 2 rabbit nests and little baby bunnies were hopping around his yard. He decided to keep on mowing and to just watch out for the babies. Then he heard a loud noise and looked under the lawnmower …………………………………………… Guess what happened next. Nah. I’ll tell you. 😥
    He looked under the lawn mower and he found……………………………….. not 1,…………. not 2………………….., but………….3, yes I said 3 rabbits!!!!! 😥 Then you want to know what he did with them???? He took them and threw them over his fence!!!! Murderer!!! 😥

    Something funny – Something SUPER funny happened in band. Okay, so one kid started to fall asleep in class and the teacher was yelling at one of the sections. Then the teacher screamed SUPER loud, and the kid woke up and it was SO FUNNY!!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! I was laughing so hard, that my face was turning SUPER red and I was laughing so hard that I ALMOST started crying of laughter!!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! LOL!!!! :mrgreen:

    My Social Studies teacher made smoothies a few times and once in advisory we played a game with regular and disgusting flavored Jelly Bellies. The flavor were strawberry, centipede, booger, vomit, skunk, tooth paste, and a lot more but I can’t remember the rest. Yuck!

    Anyway, ya some of my friends are like really screwed up. But some of my friends are really nice, and others are just back stabbers.


    • Nameless UNdefiNEd
      June 29, 2013

      @CS, could you e-mail these types of things in the future, so they can be featured in a post?? (If you need to, you can use that e-mail from the private blog…)??



      • Cool Smarticle
        June 29, 2013

        Uhh…………… ❓ I don’t believe so. I don’t want to get in trouble. You can delete the comment is you want.


      • Nameless UNdefiNEd
        June 30, 2013

        Its not that I don’t want it up here, I just haven’t gotten any emails for this big yet 😦 😥



      • Cool Smarticle
        June 30, 2013



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