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Ten Year Old Mobster

My cousin, Christian, is a brat. He is like 11, but he acts like he owns everyone. Example: My aunt Jenna’s wedding. It was May 17, the day before the wedding. My aunt got a bounce house for the wedding, because some people would be bringing kids. No biggie. Well one of my other cousins, Katie, wanted to hang out with me before she left. So we threw a couple of kickballs in the bounce house, and Chris came over, so we thought we’d use them like a game of Musical Chairs.

Well 2nd round, CHris and I went for the same ball, and I accidentally landed on him. Not much, just a little. He started screaming at me, “You broke my friggin’ rib!!!!!”. 1. That doesn’t make any sense what-so-ever. 2. That’s not the end of it.         So I got out after I told him he was being a baby, to check my phone. Just a notification saying my battery was low. I got back in, and he tried to SPEAR ME!!!! (Spear is a wrestling move where you plow into someone and knock them to the ground.) Let me note, that he TRIED.   My cousin is pretty short. Especcially compared to me, I’m like 5’5”. So he was just swinging for a minute, while I had him in a head lock. So I let him go after a minute when he finally slowed down, then… He pushed me into the side of the bounce house, it was one of those with netting, and in the mean time, my Autistic brother James, was right next to us. WHat I was mainly trying to do was get punching Christian away from James. So I rolled over Chris a couple times until we were on the opposite side of James. In the time that I was trying to squirm away from James, Chris punched me in the eye. Then when we reached the other side, he elbowed me in the temple.

The reason, he was ring bearer, the wedding party went to dinner, and Chris was running around, and they accidentally forgot him. AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THAT made him beat me up.  So… He didn’t get in trouble. He lives with my Grandmother, and she completely defended him. Gigi, The Groom, Jon’s mom, insanely sweet, never seen her mad. Got MAD. So that was the end of that. I climbed some latters, hung some homade chandeliers, learned Misty Latin. It was un of F.

So the next day was the wedding, super cool. Afterwards they were taking wedding pictures at the Alter. And the Christian drama started again. So I’m standing to the side while Jenna and Jon, the bride and groom, take some pictures without the wedding party. So I’m talking to Misty, and she starts taking pics with her long term boyfriend, Clu. Super nice guy. Well Chris walks over and asks “Why are YOU over here??”, well Misty didn’t want us getting into it again, so she said “It’s okay Christian, I invited her over.”. Well she turned around and took some pictures for her FB page, and Chris walked over to me and whispered, “I’m over here because Jenna and Jon actually CARE about me, and because I’m not a retard.” . OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!!!  I don’t cry. NEVER. I cried!! That’s how bad that felt, because RETARD isn’t a word you throw around in my family. Becuase both of my brothers are both special ed, and my oldest sister is M.R. with 3 heart conditions and 1 functioning kidney. You don’t throw around that word. And my grandmother defended him again.

My bros, my sis’, my mom and I, stayed at my aunt’s house while they went on the honeymoon. We were watching my cousins, not Chris, Maddy and Milly. Well Milly is a baby, and Maddy is like 8. So we decided to go to dinner, and Chris and my Grandmother, whom I know call Sharon, went to Riscky’s BBQ. Well my mom sat at the end of the table with Milly and Sharon. Chris sat down there to be by the baby, because he thought Maddy would sit by them. But she sat at the opposite end of them, by me, playing on my cell.

So Maddy got up and went to the Bathroom, I walked to the other end of the table, and started making play faces at Milly, she was in Chris’ lap. So the second I made a face at her, he jerked her away and almost hit her head on the table. Then I told him quit being a brat. Sharon didn’t like that…

“SHARON: Why are you calling him names!??     ME:Because he’s being a brat. (Keep in mind we are still in the middle of the resturaunt…)    ” My mom reached across the table and picked Milly up and started strapping her into her carseat, when Sharon stood up.  “SHARON: You have no right calling him that!       ME: No. He can’t just treat me like that! He needs to stop being a brat that gets to act however he wants!!      Sharon:  So YOU get to act like that but it’s not okay for HIM to!?!?!?!!!!!!!        ME: I’m acting in a professional standard, you let him get away with it.            SHARON: Looked at my mom expecting her to back up what she was saying. Well you’re just gonna let her talk to me like that!!!!            MY MOM: She is almost an adult, she can speak for herself.                SHARON: So she’s adult enough for me to punch her like an adult!?!!!!!       MY MOM: Go ahead (WAIT WHAT!?!?!!!!?!?!!) I’ll press charges.”

Sharon backed down, and it was assumed that we all left. Sharon doesn’t want my mom pressing charges, because she had some driver’s liscense problem’s in the past. We went outside, and I apologized. I wasn’t told to, I might have gotten a little too big for my britches, but I am only human, I can only take so much. We got to the car and while we were all piling in Christian apologized. For hitting me that is. Then he started correcting me as to how it happened. /:(

Oh and when we WERE gonna go to Putt-Putt after dinner, but we just went back to Jenna’s house. Chris started getting out and the poor guy was so confused. (I know he’s a bully, and he can be a big jerk, but what Sharon did when he got out of the car was wrong.) He asked why they were getting out, he thought we were still going to putt-putt. And then my mom was trying to make things better and not rub it in his face how we were going and he wasn’t, “MY MOM: Not this time bud, sorry. I looked at the wrong date for some of their deals, and I can’t afford all of my kiddo’s.” Chris looked disappointed, but he got out and started walking towards the porch and Sharon just, grrrr, “SHARON: Just go inside son, they’re going to Putt-Putt and you can’t go!!!!” I felt super bad. SUPER BAD. It’s just wrong, we WERE still gonna go, but we weren’t gonna rub it in his face. I’ll tell you more bad day stories of mine later.




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3 comments on “Ten Year Old Mobster

  1. Silver Wolf
    June 27, 2013

    Aww. You have (no offense) a broken family. 😦 My family is good, but I barely ever see them. My school life is what messes me up. 😦


  2. Spotted Dragon
    June 28, 2013

    I normal feel that my life sucks, but listening to your stories makes me feel pretty lucky (no offense). I’m really sorry. 😦


  3. Cool Smarticle
    June 29, 2013

    Aww. 😦 No offense, but I thought I had problems. I’m really sorry Roughy. 😦


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